Not just any plumber, The Right Plumber!

For better or worse, this isn’t always an easy task. However there are a few simple steps you can take to heighten your chances of finding a trusted plumber that you know will get the job done right!

  1. Are they licensed and insured?
    • This is a simple question that comes with a yes or no answer. If the answer is no, you’re risking your hard-earned money on a plumber that may be unqualified to complete the task at hand. Worse, an accident or mishap could occur and you may be liable for $1,000’s in damages caused to your home.
  2. Do they have positive reviews?
    • Places like Google and Yelp provide a setting for unbiased customer reviews. These can be great places to vet local plumbers and determine who has most consistently delivered quality service.
  3. What do your neighbors, friends and family have to say?
    • Word-of-mouth recommendations from those close to you can be invaluable. Ask around and you can generally determine which local plumber your town trusts.

Here’s a great link from This Old House if you want further information on this topic.

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